Website designers

Website designers

A good Adelaide website designer makes the world of difference to any company or individual. Portraying the right image and a strong brand identity is vital in communicating your message in the way that you want it conveyed.

In the past ten years, the amount of web designers creating new and updated websites has hugely increased.

However how do you find a good one, and what is it that separates the good from the bad?

Check out this local SEO company’s top 5 tips for what makes a good website designer:

  1. Communication

The best website designers are generally those with the best communication skills. They understand that communication works both ways and will be skilled at listening to what you are saying and presenting considered ideas back to you.

Good website designers will take feedback on board and offer advice when they feel it necessary. You should be able to feel comfortable telling your website designer any elements that you do or do not like, or aspects of their work that you’d like to enhance or change.

  1. Presenting Information

Website design is a real art form – requiring a good balance when presenting large amounts of information with eye catching design. The key to any good website designer is the ability to present the information in a way that is interesting, informative, easy to read and accessible to the website user.

The website designer should have an accurate idea of the target market for your website as this will influence the way in which they should be aiming to present information. Some websites will have visitors who need small amounts of information quickly whilst other sites may be visited by those wanting to read longer text at a leisurely pace.

  1. Technical Knowledge

It’s not enough to just have a website that looks good. A website designer should have the technical knowledge to understand how a user will be interacting with the site and how to make it as easy as possible for them to navigate their way around it. Your website designer should be able to offer advice on the best platforms for you to use as well as understanding basic technicalities of coding and website functions.

  1. Experience

Always aim to go with a website designer who can show evidence of past projects that they have worked on, ideally within your industry or sector. A good knowledge of your customers and how businesses such as yours operate will enable them to deliver the most effective results as quickly as possible. Most website designers will have a portfolio of previous work that they will be able to show to you.

  1. Organisation and Deadlines

Website designers are often perfectionists – which can be both a blessing and a curse. You need to find a good website designer who will be able to work with you to establish step by step aims for your website design as well as agreeing deadlines and dates by which you want certain stages achieved by.

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